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Study Abroad from USA

Study abroad is a life changing experience for students, whether they are from the USA and going abroad for the first time or from another country and studying abroad (while studying abroad). Study abroad provides benefits like improving second languages, learning about another culture, and gaining real world experience through taking classes in another country. 

Study abroad searches can be an overwhelming experience. In general, colleges and universities may offer short term study abroad (anywhere from 1-4 weeks), as well as semester and year abroad programs. Depending on your major, there may be a study abroad trip throughout the school year or summer that directly correlates to your program of study. For example, there may be study abroad opportunities specifically for history majors, arts, or sciences. 

In addition, there are different types of study abroad. Study abroad programs through your school may offer you credit for courses that appear on your transcript as taken at the university that you attend. These are typically programs or schools abroad that have a direct partnership with your school. 

Other programs may offer you courses that you need for your degree, but they would show up on your transcript as "transfer credits", meaning earned under another universities name and then you are given credit for them at the university where you are seeking your degree. Your international office can tell you what types of programs they offer at the school. 

Here are some additional resources where you can find outside study abroad opportunities. These are all reputable organizations that have been in the study abroad business for years, if not decades. These links will take you directly to the organization's site. Click to learn more! 

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