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Graduation Caps

Study Abroad from USA

Most schools have an International Student Services department that can provide you with options or school organized trips. Here are some additional resources where you can find study abroad opportunities.

Student Visas

Learn about the F1 Student Visa.

Health Insurance

Health insurance varies by country. Any student studying in the USA on an F1 student visa is required to have health insurance coverage that meets certain requirements. See different options for health insurance.


Find resources here on education in the USA.

  • Information for secondary or post secondary study

  • Types of schools in the USA

  • Graduation requirements

Also learn about advising resources in the USA. 

Before you arrive

Some resources you might need before you travel to the USA. Everything from booking travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, to packing lists and transportation ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most common international student questions and resources or information on where to find help.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Click to see some resources and tips for understanding finances to study in the USA.

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