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Before You Arrive to Study in the USA

From travel to packing, we've got you covered for your study abroad experience.

*Remember to contact your school directly to see if you need to complete any additional steps.

Once you get through the hard parts of submitting documents, interviews, and getting officially accepted into your school of choice, whether in the USA or anywhere in the world, there are next steps for you to take care of before you go abroad. Here are some of the most important things to take care of before you study abroad. 

  • Complete any missing school forms. 

    • Often schools require immunization forms, housing forms, or travel information before you actually arrive to campus. Be sure to email or send these off to the right person​.

  • Sign up for new student orientation and make sure to buy your plane ticket to arrive for these events.

  • Buy plane tickets. 

  • Pay tuition and fees on time.

    • These are often due before you arrive on campus. Be sure you complete payment by the deadline or request a payment plan if needed.

  • Submit all official transcripts if needed.

    • Many schools will admit students based off of copies of transcripts and they will usually require the officials to be submitted before classes start. Make sure you have official transcripts mailed or bring them in sealed envelope to school with you.​

  • Buy a mobile phone plan.

  • Purchase books.

    • Article on finding discount textbooks is coming soon!

  • Pack and bon voyage! 

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