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Study in the USA - Benefits of an Online Community

Hey guys!

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during what is an increasingly crazy and abnormal time for us all. At The Savvy International, we have been focused on getting our online community up and running, and we’re preparing to launch The Ultimate Study in the USA Resource Group soon, which is very exciting!

I know that studying in the USA can seem very far off. I’m sure for the many students who were already studying abroad or had plans for summer programs, it’s a tough time not knowing when you’ll have the chance to go abroad again. I don’t know when all of this will end, but I am confident it will end, we will travel again, and those study abroad opportunities will present themselves to you all. Don’t give up on those goals.

--> BUT, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything until borders open up again and study abroad is right around the corner. This is such an important time to PREPARE.

I wanted to write a quick blog about the benefits of building an online network even during the preparation process or the waiting process, if you will. There are SO many ways that it can benefit you to have a community helping you through the process.

At The Savvy International, we’re all about community. My goal is to provide so many resources that you feel like the international education expert by the end. I want you to be able to research the right schools that best fit your interests, navigate the admissions and visa processes like a pro, and know where to go to find scholarships and financial aid that you need to make your dreams a financial reality.

Group of students around a computer
An online community can help you better prepare to study in the USA

So what are some of the benefits of finding this community?

  1. Learn best practices - why do everything the hard way when someone can tell you the most direct path to success?

  2. Ask the experts - if you have the chance to talk to an admissions representative, a financial aid committee member, or an international coordinator at a university in the USA, take advantage and ask all of your questions!

  3. Keep from feeling alone - sometimes international students can feel really isolated going through the processes to study in the USA. Having the community and support of others with the same dreams is huge and will make you feel more supported.

  4. Share resources - being able to connect with past students who have “been there done that” is an invaluable resource for you if you’re just starting to learn about studying in the USA. They know about scholarships, visas, making money, all the important things!

  5. Feel confident in your decisions - having a sounding board as you go through the processes can help you know that you made the right choices along the way.

There are tons of benefits of joining an online community.

With our new Facebook Group launching, you can expect:

  • Weekly tips about study in the USA processes

  • Free downloads

  • Discounts on webinars

  • Live Q&A sessions with the Savvy International Founder, Cortney Dowdle

  • Live chat with international education experts from some of the top universities in the USA

  • Exclusive offers for consultations with The Savvy International, webinar packages, and giveaways

I hope you'll consider joining any online community, and I would be thrilled if you decide to join ours.

Learn more today!

Until next time, Cortney

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