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What This Blog Is NOT Going to Do For You

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So I know we’re just getting to know each other. You might still be wondering if this blog is worth subscribing to, following, or learning from. I, of course, think the answer is a resounding loud bang of a YES. But if you’re still not sure, I ask you to stay with me a bit longer and learn more about what to expect from The Savvy International. This whole blog only takes about three minutes to read!

I’ve been doing this for a while (helping international students, that is). I truly feel like I have insights into what international students need. But guess what? So do thousands of other international educators around the world. There is a big giant community of us who support each other and spend our professional careers and personal time trying to help students from around the world find their way and solve their problems.

But guess what else? It’s hard. While some universities do an amazing job of supporting students from around the world, many do not have the personnel, budgets, or resources on campus to fully provide what students are needing before, during, or after studying abroad. While some schools or universities have great social media and web pages - most do not. Most are too busy trying to help students on the daily to go back and retroactively make notes and posts and blogs about all that excellent advice or all the problems they solved.

--> That’s where I come into the picture.

Most of what I’m sharing with you, I’ll be honest, is not revolutionary. I’m pulling together years of expert advice, learning on my feet, and student experience, and I'm putting it here in one space for you. So what are some things you’re NOT going to see on this site:

  • Processing admissions applications for students

  • Guaranteeing I can get you into Harvard (or any other Ivy League)

  • Offering full scholarships – I wish!

  • Telling you what schools or universities to go to

Announcement - this site is not a space for me to promote specific schools, sell their products, or provide services that you can find at an educational agency.

So why am I here?

  • I’m here because I think it’s incredibly hard moving across the world and studying abroad.

  • I’m here because I think I have legitimate advice that can help you solve all kinds of problems that you may face throughout your journey.

  • I’m here because even though you might have access to resources from your school, your friends, or the internet, the bigger likelihood, is that there’s a lot you still don’t know.

My blogs are going to address real, every day, international student problems and solutions. My site is going to offer resources that you can use to find more advice, the opportunity to ask me questions and get sincere and honest answers, and access to social media where I’ll be posting things that I think students, parents, and educators want to see.

What I want the Savvy International to do is to make your journey easier and reassure you that while this path you walk is not easy, you can and will succeed.

From here, the next few posts are going to be focused on the school search process. We're going to dive into higher education in the USA, I'll be sharing some great resources about how to find the best school to study at in the USA!

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I hope you’ll be back as The Savvy International grows into what I hope is an invaluable resource!

Until next time!


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