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Welcome to The Savvy International!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Welcome to The Savvy International! This is the first blog, but I’m considering it more of an introduction. After years of working with international students, my head is full of knowledge that I know can be useful to students around the world. When I started out as an educator, I also found it could be difficult to find resources, networks, and information. I decided to write a blog about studying abroad and share all of the things. All of the things students are curious about before, during, and after journeys abroad. This blog is a place to grow, to learn, and to explore.

I left for study abroad and left the USA for the first time all in the same flight. I was scared I almost changed my mind a dozen times.

Watching a sunset while studying abroad in Costa Rica
Studying abroad for the first time in 2007.

That experience changed my life and led me down the career path of international education for the past several years. I've seen and learned a lot on this journey. The Savvy International blog is a compilation of knowledge about so many situations that international students face. Each blog is either educational or inspirational, or sometimes a bit of both! I’ll be talking about admissions processes, schools in the USA, student support on campuses, advising, finding jobs, scholarships, resources, and more. The few resources that exist for students and educators are usually focused on just the search process and finding a school to attend. School websites, USA government sites, and independent websites about being an international student or studying abroad can be great resources. But I think they often lack in-depth information and a little bit of…well, personality.

Playing on the beach in Ecuador
Playing on a beach in Ecuador just south of Bahia de Caraquez

I hope I can hold your interest with engaging content that speaks to you. You – as a student, a parent, an educator, or even just as a traveler.

I love helping students. I also love traveling. I love fashion, culture, languages, and having a chat with anyone from another country and learning more about them. This is not just a resource center for students, educators, and travelers. This is a place that helps us realize how unique, amazing, and life changing the study abroad journey, or any travel journey can be. I want The Savvy International to be educational, yes, but I want it to be fun, entertaining, exciting, new, and trendy. Come to this website knowing that you’ll find something cool. An answer to a question, a new place to travel to, a great travel find.

I’ll be publishing a new blog each week about studying abroad (starting August 2019), so please share with your friends, and stay tuned for all of the things about being an international student in the USA! On the rest of The Savvy International, you can find resources for students, parents, and educators, some of my favorite travel sites around the world, and ways to stay connected with The Savvy International community (it’s a thing, spread it around <smile>).

We are so much more than the sum of our classroom education or a product of where we are from. If you have the desire to study in a new country, know that it is not only possible, but it can change your life for the better, for the more vibrant, and more fulfilled. There are no age restrictions on learning, and I think studying abroad is one of the best ways you can learn about the world around you. Welcome to The Savvy International!

...eventually I became the mature, well-adjusted, savvy international that you see below!

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