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I help international students prepare now, save money later, and thrive in America. 


The reason? Oh so many…


I grew up sheltered in a small mid-western town in America, and I never felt like I understood any of the world around me. I dreamed about going to an Ivy League university, traveling the world, and making all my dreams come true. 


I wanted so much more than where I came from. I wanted the world.

With the help of the most supportive parents in the world, I went to a small private university for my undergraduate degree. Despite my parents working overtime, trying to help me pay my rent month-to-month, and sending me money for groceries when they could, I ended with about $60,000 USD in student debt. My Master’s degree added on another $15,000 USD in debt. 


It’s true that the opportunity for education is America is available to all. Unfortunately, it IS NOT always available fairly to all. I stand strong on the premise of advising students with the truth, not a fantasy and not with empty promises. 

Do I regret my education? Not. For. A. Single. Second. 

I have a 150 hour TESOL certification, a BA English, and a MA International Relations with specializations in Spanish and Communications. I am grateful for every single course that got me to where I am today. 


But do I regret the lack of information and resources I had when making the university decision? YES

I wish someone had told me about financial aid, out of pocket costs, searching for the right school not just the most highly ranked school, or just navigating the whole college experience.

It all began with a few international studies classes in university. I became obsessed with learning about the way the world works. In my last year of undergrad studies, I lived in Costa Rica for half of the year taking intensive language courses. Leaving the country blasted my eyes open to everything I had been so removed from up until that point.


Over the next eight years, I studied in Costa Rica, backpacked my way through South America solo, taught English as a Second language classes, and dove headfirst into international education. 


I’ve counseled tens of thousands of international students their parents about the processes to study in the USA. I’ve signed thousands of acceptance letters. I’ve issued hundreds of international student visa documents. I’ve run an international student support department for a large state university, managed international admissions for a small, private university in America, and directly collaborated with students, parents, educational consultants, high school counselors, university representatives, and international schools around the world. 


I’ve traveled to nearly 50 countries learning about secondary and higher education. 

The Savvy International Founder visiting Bangkok, Thailand and standing in front a temple.
The Savvy International Founder visiting an elephant sanctuary called Elephant World.
The Savvy International Founder visiting temples in Seoul, Korea.
The Savvy International Founder visiting temples in Bangkok Thailand.
The Savvy International Founder visiting Hague Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey
The Savvy International Founder visiting Bridgetown, Barbados
The Savvy International Founder visiting Zurich, Switzerland
The Savvy International Founder visiting Rome, Italy.
The Savvy International Founder visiting Trang Anh, Vietnam
The Savvy International Founder visiting Rome, Italy to learn about international students.
The Savvy International Founder visits Vienna, Austria

"I’ve had my mind blown at the kindness of strangers  + the beauty of the world   + the mind shattering cultural differences + the global perspectives we all have the ability to develop and the way those

change our world. "

And after eight years, I couldn’t believe how often I still found myself explaining the most general processes to study in America as an international student. 


I found the biggest gap in the process to get to

America wasn’t the distance, but the sheer lack

of easily accessible information for parents. 


Why was financial information so hard to find? Why was the online space so full of promises for full rides and easy access to Ivy League universities, and just so much crap information? 


It hit me one day while walking to a cafe in the rain in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a new district I hadn’t been to before. I had just sent about 10 emails to families asking questions, not about the school I represented at the time, but about the most general processes to navigate university admissions in the USA. I sent them all back links to resources, information packets, and paragraphs of information I thought they would find useful. 


As I shook the rain drops off of my light jacket and stepped out of the cafe, it all came into crystal clear focus.


I can be the one to create it. 


I have a unique and distinct skills set within international education. I have been through the struggles of learning how to get into university. I grew up challenged with finding a way to afford my education. 


I realized that I care so deeply for the students I get to support because I missed out on that support and that global perspective as a child. 

Eight years - What did I become an expert on in eight years? 


  • English language acquisition

  • Student advising

  • International admissions

  • F1 visa processes 

  • International health insurance

  • Secondary school counseling

  • IB/AP courses

  • Transcript evaluations

  • School selection processes

  • Financial aid

  • Scholarships

  • Post study work experiences 

  • Programming

  • Student on campus employment 

I can break it all down for you. I can offer the best preparation for you and your student to navigate this process on your own, be prepared, and in the blink of an eye, you’ll be watching your child graduate from their dream university in America, with all the promise of a bright future ahead. 


I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to study in America. To earn not just an undergraduate degree, but to study abroad, have internship experiences, lead on campus organizations, and build a successful career within a field I am so unabashedly passionate about - international education. 


Education + travel + culture change the world. Every time. Without effort and without hesitation.


Helping families navigate study abroad processes is my expertise. It’s my passion. And I’m lucky enough that I get to help students avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way, avoid online promises and scams, and become the next generation of successful international students in America. 


Save money on empty promises. Take the time to educate yourself. Support your child and lead by example - let them know it’s not always easy, but the challenge of navigating the process will ultimately save you money and create a drive for success in your child.


So whether you want to start by joining my exclusive subscription only Facebook group, or start with a single webinar that is most relevant for you in this moment, or jump into The Ultimate International Student Guide today, I guarantee you will find real, thorough, and helpful resources to navigate the study abroad process. 

"This is my path. My purpose. And I can’t wait to impact as many students around the world as possible." 


Will yours

be one of them? 

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